GTS Ground Dummy

$425.00 - $450.00
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The First Anatomically Correct Calf Roping Ground dummy that feels and ropes like the real thing!

  • ORIGINAL Tuf Kaf  Flexi-Foam rubber

  • Realistic Look: anatomically correct

  • Realistic rope action

  • Durable, long lasting, & weather resistant

  • Solid roping platform: won't tip or slide

  • when roping or pulling slack

  • Weight: approx. 50 lbs: won't blow away

  • Portable: hay rack friendly

  • Correct head angle: running calf

  • Visualize a live calf every time you rope it

  • Same realistic feel as a live roping calf



 GTS is the new Elite Top of the Line calf roping ground dummy from SS Roping,llc, that replicates the actual look and feel of a live calf run. The head and neck are anatomically correct, causing you to rope exactly like you would as if roping a live calf in the arena. We made it portable with a handy handle, weather resistant, durable, and long lasting using the same exclusive Flexi-Foam rubber as the Tuf Kaf and Tuf Goat. This rubber-like material gives you that same realistic feel as you would on a live calf. Visual muscle memory is a big and vital part of your practice. You need to practice on what you are going to see and feel. GTS has the same head angle as a running calf. It not only looks like a real calf but, this will help you practice getting your tip down.

It has a solid roping platform, so it won't tip or slide when pulling your slack. Weight is approximately 49 lbs. It is portable and hayrack friendly.



                                       Designed for: Calf Ropers, Breakaway Ropers, Ribbon Ropers