Tuf Goats

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 Tuf Goat The Most Realistic Life-size Goat Tying Dummy

  • Realistic legs anatomically correct for tying

  • The only goat that's comfortable to sit on

  • Comfortable and natural flank grip

  • Stands alone on tethered rope

  • Tough, durable and long lasting

  • Life-size rubberized foam material goat

  • Portable, haul anywhere

  • No feeding or watering

  • Store inside or outside

  • Train your horse

  • approximately 16 lbs.


Are you practicing to Win?   Why not use a realistic training tool that mimics a real goat? The Tuf Goat stands alone, has legs which are anatomically correct when tying, is comfortable to sit on and you can stand it up and tether it in the arena while practicing and training your horse. It stands approximately 22 inches tall and weighs about 16lbs. The legs and body are made of Flexi-Foam durable rubber for a comfortable sit and realistic tie. Run endless repetitive perfect runs and practice with the most realistic goat on the market!